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In 1996 GMRV (GilderStone Mining and Restoration Ventures) was formed in Marysville, Montana to assist small and medium claim owners to explore, stake, manage, permit, and develop their mining claims.

GMRV merged with 4uX, LLC in 2012 to better grow its business of serve the mining community.

GMRV has almost 20 years of experienced in precious, base, and industrial mineral service such as: silver, gold, copper, lead, marble, garnet, gravel, and iron lode and placer exploration and development.

With 4uX, LLC, GMRV can now better assist you, the claim owner, with your geochem sampling, geophysical surveys, rock sampling, geology, assaying, permitting, claim management, mapping, computer, and field work.

The Historic Towsley Mine in the Historic Marysville Mining Distric. Reported to have produced over $2.6 million in gold.

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